Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser



The Lyons Garden Club will “flock” someone for you! What’s a flocking? It’s a placement of 24 glamorous pink flamingos in their yard. You can do this for a friend or family member’s birthday, graduation, new baby, special appreciation – you name it! Members of the Lyons Garden Club will come in after dark on the day you designate and place the flamingos, then remove them within 48 hours. All we ask is a donation of $15, $25, or $35 to support our gardening programs in the town of Lyons. Join the fun!

We need the following information, #1-7. Send your answers to Sara: via email sarae403@gmail.com or phone 720-771-0985.

Information we need:

1) Your name ______________
2) Your contact info (phone and email) _______________
3) Name of person you want flocked __________________
4) Address of person to be flocked ___________________
5) Reason you want this person flocked _____________
6) Contact person at household that will be flocked __________________
7) Date for flocking __________________

• You will be contacted as soon as we get your form. If you prefer voice, text, or email, let us know.
• Flamingo flocking by LGC is limited to the town of Lyons and Apple Valley.
• We need the reason you want this person flocked because each event will include a specific sign for the occasion.
• We will definitely contact the person you designate at the household that will be flocked. This is very important – we need to ensure that resident dogs or other critters are curtailed, the police are not be called, and other unforeseen misadventures are prevented.
• Flocking occurs after dark on the date you designate. Be aware, flocking is a first-come first-served business, and you may not get the date you want – only one flocking at a time. We need at least 1 weeks notice.
• In case of rain, snow, or strong winds, flockings will be rescheduled.
• You can choose your own donation amount or either $15, $25, or $35.