Garden to Garden Event -- May 31, 2015

The Garden to Garden Plant Distribution was held on 5/31 and Wow! The number of plants and variety was fabulous. Participants were delighted and volunteers as well. Thanks to all who participated and Happy Planting!

Many thanks to Kim Dunning and Lois LaCroix of Martin Park Garden Club of Boulder for their inspiring organization and hard work. We are grateful to you lovely ladies.

Also thanks to the generous donations from Sturtz and Copeland, Long's Iris Gardens, Home Depot Boulder, Whole Foods Basemar Center, Botanical Interests Seed Co. in Broomfield, Applewood Seed Co., Boulder Garden Club, Martin Acres Garden Club and the Martin Acres Neighborhood and Boulder County Residents who dug and divided their own gardens.

Thanks to the LGC members who donated their time in the planning and distribution. Special thanks to the lovely Anne Marie Mikoni, LGC Programs Director. She was the organizing brains of this project. It was a wonderful success. Cheers to you Anne Marie!

Lyons Garden,
May 31, 2015, 7:59 PM